Sinum Theatre is a new organization based in Pécs and founded in 2019.

SINUM Theatre’s aims are to spread, rethink and create cultural and artistic values related to performing arts on a local and European level, in line with the natural environment. We give a special attention to outdoor art forms, focusing on initiating a dialogue with the environment and relate to the values given by nature. We also want to foster intercultural dialogue, such as intercultural theatre, theatre anthropology, creative voice and sound art, dance, movement or other non-verbal performing techniques. It is important for us to create opportunities for cultural exchange that opens a greater space for transferring knowledge, making visible and supporting common human values through and by the arts within the communities. We organise high quality artistic and cultural events and workshops that are widely available, as we also keep in mind their geographically equal distribution. Our actual page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SinumTheatreLaboratoryAssociation

– The founding document of Sinum Theatre see here.

Founders of the association:

Nikolett Pintér-Németh: She is engaged in theatre and vocal research, both practically and theoretically. She has learnt classical singing and music, and was a member of different choirs for nearly ten years (e.g. the internationally recognized Angelica Girls’ Choir). She lived and studied in the Netherlands, and graduated from the University of Amsterdam, Cultural Analysis, in 2016. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Pécs, in Hungary, where researches the social and artistic aspects of the performative human voice, from a theatrical viewpoint. She has been the coordinator of the VoicWell Erasmus+ program since 2019.


Géza Pintér-Németh: He studied at the University of Pécs, in Hungary, at the department of Italian Literature and Film studies, graduated in 2010. He worked with several street theatre companies in Germany and Italy. He researched the the outdoor performance in practice and theoretically as well. He created a community performance, the „Little Prince in Lugio”, in 2017, in a village of Dunaszekcső, Hungary. He was the coordinator of the RIOTE Erasmus+ program between 2016 and 2019. Web: www.riote.org