Janus mystery and carnival

Pécsvárad, 16th of September 2022.


Hollósi Orsolya, Pintér-Németh Nikolett, Dávid Kiss András, Kőrösi Boldizsár, Nagy Henrik, Pintér Németh Géza. // Community creation.

Producer: Géza Pintér-Németh

Professional consultant: Szaida Khaled-Abdo

Costume: Takács Anikó

“Attain to utmost emptiness. Cling single-heartedly to interior peace. While all things are stirring together. I only contemplate the Return. For flourishing as they do. Each of them will return to its root. To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny. To fulfill one’s destiny is to be constant. To know the Constant is called Insight. If one does not know the Constant, One runs blindly into disasters. […]” (Lao Tzu’s Tao-Teh-Ching)

The team of Sinum Theatre has created a performance dedicating to the theme of natural cycle changes like winter solstice. The performance uses poems and scenes from the life of Janus Pannonius (Hungarian Renaissance poet) and in the same time it evokes the image of Ianus, the ancient Roman Divinity, who was a determinant figure for cycle changes.

The main mission of the performance is to be a „catalyst” for the celebration of turning points in the cyclical changes of nature, (especially in rural environment) such as seasonal solstices or meteorological turning moments, carnival times or sunsets.

This is a physical-theatre performance with songs, dance and movement choreographs using music instruments and some acrobatic elements.

The performance possibly does not use electric lights and any electric devices, only natural lights: sunlight, oil lamps and candles. In all cases the performance estimated starting time is around 1 hour before sunset. A venue with large glass surfaces is preferable.

Photos about the performance were made by Szabina Farkas B. at Szalatnak on 19th February 2022.