VoiceWell, vocaltheatre experiments

The aim of the first creative program of Sinum Theatre Laboratory Association was a vocal theatre research towards a future performance. After the photos, now we publish a short video about our working process.

Participants: Liliána Ilona Birtalan, Attila Buczkó, Sarolta Eörsi, Lénárd Ilyés, Zoltán Nagyhegyesi, Nikolett Németh, Géza Pintér, Tara Starling Khozein.

The video was made by Dániel Iszák.

Thanks to NKA for supporting our project. Further thanks for the collaboration of Amargant Theatre Laboratory, Soharóza and UtcaSzAK! Thanks to Artus Studio and Fűszer&Csemege for hosting our sessions.

30th November 2020, Artus Studio.