Janus mistery and carnival at Szalatnak

We invite village residents to a physical theatre performance in the main Cultural Hall of Szalatnak on 19th February, at 17:00!

The play is called Janus Mystery and Carnival.

This is a contemporary mystery play, where the actors are constructing living pictures to tell a version of the life story of a Hungarian Renaissance poet, Janus Pannonius. The performance uses poems and scenes from his biography, and simultaneously evokes the image of Janus God, who is a determinant figure for cycle changes.

Through the performance we are questioning our civilization’s relationship to the cyclic changes of nature. In what way our ignorance towards cyclicality is connected to global environmental issues? How natural twists and turns affect our life on an individual and collective level? Why the celebrations of cyclic changes are not organic parts of our life anymore? It is a show that includes exciting movement choreographies with fire, acrobatic elements, singing and experimental vocal choir actions.

Our work is not language-based.

Let’s meet at Szalatnak and create a carnival together!