Coming Events in May and June

  • Weaving workshop residency in Szalatnak with Rosa Smits (the Netherlands), from 7 to 12 May, in between 10:00-12:00 in the Cinema Hall and 16:00-18:00 outdoor in front of the Church (in case of bad weather inside the Cinema Hall).
  • Plant dyeing and Land Art workshop, with Nina van Hartskamp (the Netherlands), from 21 to 26 May. More details are coming soon…
  • Bündeltanz, a one act historical performance by the Oberon Theatre Company based in Pécs, directed by Krisztián Ákli. The show will be on the 4th of June at 20:00, in front of the old barn, in the garden of the house of Kossuth street 4.

The tour plan of SPARSE plus for this year is coming soon

We hava realized our menu party to celebrate and to finalize the rural touring program for this year in the villages of Vásárosbéc, Alsószentmárton, Szajk, Hosszúhetény and Szalatnak. The final program is comimng soon. ????

Participatory theatre, puppet show, dance and circus will arrive in our villages from April to May this year.

Big thank to Gabriella Poór for the hospitality in Hetény, and to Beáta Kálmán from Szajk, to Eszter Bánki and Zoltán Popa from Vásárosbéc for coming to plan together the details.

Looking forward to make the first year of Sparse PLUS – Supporting & Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe

There is a new Rural Touring Network in Baranya county coordinated by Sinum

A new team of local promoters traveled together to the first SPARSE local promoter meeting in Italy (Villa Pigna from 2nd to 6th of October of 2023).

Our team is reppresenting the villages:

Szajk, Hosszúhetény, Szalatnak, Alsószentmárton, Vásárosbéc by Gátszeginé Kálmán Beáta, Poór Gabriella, Gulácsi Erika, Bicskei Róbert, Bánki Eszter, Popa Zoltán.

The network will be coordinated by Sinum Theatre which is based in Szalatnak as well.

Looking forward the new collaboration and adventures in the next four years.

See pictures about the local promoter meeting in Marche Region hosted by AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attivitá Teatrali)

Sinum Theatre is one of the SPARSE plus project’s partner

Picture was made in Villa Pigna on the 3rd of October 2023 during the second day of the first local promoter meeting. There are every partner’s contact person and the local promoters from the partnership countries.

Find out more about the project:

“SPARSE plus – Supporting and Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe plus is a Creative Europe funded project, it includes the original SPARSE partners: Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali (Marche, Italy) as Coordinator with SA Eesti Tantsuagentuur (Estonia), Artists Group Fish Eye (Lithuania), Shoshin Theatre (Transylvania, Romania), Riksteatern Varmland (Varmland Sweden); with new partners Pro Progressione (Hungary), SINUM (Hungary), Nova Sit (Czech Republic), Teatro 4Garoupas (Germany), Art Fraction Foundation (Poland) and Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo (Tuscany, Italy).

Building on SPARSE successes, it will expand and deepen the rural touring network, providing access to high quality professional arts events in rural communities. According to EU statistics 30% of Europe’s population live in a rural area, access to services is worse and social exclusion is higher in rural areas.

There will be 150 performances by at least 45 artist companies in 50 rural communities to 7.500 audience members. 20% performances will be cross border and slow travel will mitigate environmental impacts with partners offsetting carbon emissions.

A live and digital mentoring programme will support 50 local rural touring promoters and at least 45 artist companies to learn the essential mechanics of rural touring, including visits to experienced rural touring partners.

There will be 3 key events; a kick-off meeting for 50 promoters and 11 partner staff; a public facing Symposium for 100 delegates (policymakers, funders, cultural associates) and a final Conference will share learning and launch the next 4 years programme for 100 delegates (local promoters, partners, artists, potential new partners and associations).

To capture and disseminate learning a new SPARSE Network website will host the project and feature new rural touring toolkits for artists and local promoters translated into various partner languages; a free to access recorded mentoring programme; evaluation, research and advocacy reports; and a film documenting the project.”


ISTA / New Genaration 2023 in Hungary

Theatre Olympics 2023 and Fondazione Barba Varley in collaboration with Sinum Theatre ISTA/NG

Directed by Eugenio Barba 17th session Pécsvárad-Pécs-Budapest (Hungary), 7-21 May 2023

The event will take place in a rural location, in the ex-monastery of Pécsvárad in Baranya county and an ISTA Festival in Pécs from 8th to 15th May 2023.

Poster made by Darinka Pilári

See the program of the event from our Hungarian-English Booklet:

“Janus mystery and carnival” in Frankfurt

Thank you for Antagon Aktion Theatre, for Protagon e.v. and for the Winterwerft Festival hosting us and giving space for our performance on the last Saturday.

This was really a unique and precious experience.

Find out more about the festival:

Flood scene, in Frankfurt am Main, at Winterwerft Festival on the 4th February
Carnival scene, in Frankfurt am Main, at Winterwerft Festival on the 4th February

Open call: ISTA / NG in 2023

Theatre Olympics 2023 and Fondazione Barba Varley

in collaboration with Sinum Theatre Laboratory



Directed by Eugenio Barba

17th session

Pécsvárad-Budapest (Hungary), 7-21 May 2023


with Eugenio Barba


For more details please visit the page: or

Application form and the program find here.

RIOTE 3 – Multiplier Event: The myth behind the community

The RIOTE 3 project which is coordinated by Sinum Theatre is reaching its end in September 2022. The association will hold a final conference in the Civil Community House of Pécs, at Szent István square 17., from 17:00 on the 15th September to show the results of the program: the book Myth behind the community and the 9th sense.

The second day of the Event is about the test performance of the book Myth behind the community, which will be the Janus mystery and carnival in the Castle of Pécsvárad, in the Abbot Astrik Hall from 18:00.

Photo of Károly Horváth

Routine – Parkour and circus – Show for a circus artist locked in his room

At the crossroads between parkour and circus Routine is about boredom, about those inactive youngsters spending their days leaning against walls, with no hope to do something with their lives. But Routine is also about hope, going beyond one’s boundaries, selfchallenging. In order to step up, Routine invites us to use our body and mind as one and only mean.

The performance will be presented at Pécsvárad on the day of 26th June at 17:30 in the Castle and in Kővágószőlős on the day of 27th June at 18:00 on the footbal field.

Facebook events: ;

Trailer of the show:

With this show, I want to give hope to all those young people who don’t believe in their future, who rather stay in their bedroom than go outside and try something. I want to show them that they must try again and again. They must keep hope to face their future, to fight
against boredom, until they find something to do out of their lives. They must try and create things, and not be afraid of falling. We all must keep moving.
That’s what this man does in the show. He tries to fight boredome with movements. He’s searching for solutions to keep moving on, as if every acrobatics would finally break the walls of his room, head, society, life…
They are not only the walls of the room; they can also represent the walls of Moroccan society, walls of borders that some of us will never cross, and walls inside our head that sometimes forbid us to go ahead.” Said Mouhssine