Theatre Olympics 2023 and Fondazione Barba Varley in collaboration with Sinum Theatre



Directed by Eugenio Barba 17th session Pécsvárad-Pécs-Budapest (Hungary), 7-21 May 2023

Poster was designed by Darinka Pilári

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ISTA/NG in Favignana (Italy) in 2021.


with Eugenio Barba and Keiin Yoshimura and So Sugiura (Japan); Parvathy Baul (India); I Wayan Bawa (Bali); Yalan Lin (Taiwan); Alício Amaral, Juliana Pardo (Cia. Mundu Rodá, Brazil); Alessandro Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti (Teatro tascabile di Bergamo, Italy); Julia Varley (Odin Teatret, Denmark); Ana Woolf (Argentina); István Berecz (Hungary) and for the performance ANASTASIS/RESURRECTION (Theatrum Mundi); Annada Prasanna Pattanaik (musician, India); Lorenzo Gleijeses and Manolo Muoio (actors, Italy); Mirto Baliani (composer, Italy); Stefano di Buduo (digital scenography, Germany).

ISTA/NG staff:

Francesco Galli (photographer, Italy); Francesca Romana Rietti (scholar, Italy); Leonardo Mancini (scholar, Italy); Claudio Coloberti (videomaker, Italy); Rina Skeel (organisation/design, Argentina); The session will conclude the 20th of May at the National Theatre of Budapest with the performance ANASTASIS/RESURRECTION devised and directed by Eugenio Barba and performed by the artists of ISTA/NG and by the participants.


Masters from different theatre and dance traditions, in collaboration with Eugenio Barba, will introduce the participants to the pre-expressive principles that guide the creativity of their performing forms. The technical principles which underlie the craft of an actor/dancer are never present in a pure state, but always appear in the guise of a style. When the guises belong to styles and traditions which are foreign to us, there is the danger that these principles can remain hidden from us because of the strangeness of the form which contains them. When the guises are familiar to us, it is this very familiarity which weakens our attention. Actors/dancers, like all artists, express their creativity through forms, rhythms and tensions in a succession of compositions whose montage develops scenes of sensorial, associative, conceptual and antithetical effectiveness.

During the 17th session of ISTA/NG, theatre and dance masters from different traditions will share practically their specific composition and montage techniques. The participants will have the opportunity to experience on their body the physical/mental know-how of actors/dancers of different traditions. This process, which includes the artists’ demonstrations and biographical talks, will allow the participants to experience and compare principles and strategies that contribute to the final montage of a performance. Central for the participants will be the application of these principles in the montage by Eugenio Barba for ANASTASIS/RESURRECTION, performance programmed at the National Theatre of Budapest in the frame of the Theatre Olympics.

The session starts in Pécsvárad with arrival, presentation and opening the 7th of May; daily work 8-15 May from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm; session closing 16th of May; transfer to Budapest 17th of May; rehearsals of ANASTASIS/RESURRECTION 18-19 May; performance the 20th of May; departure 21st of May.

PERIOD: 7-21 May 2023, Pécsvárad, Pécs and Budapest, Hungary

Working language: English


The 17th session of ISTA/NG continues an activity developed by Odin Teatret in which artistic creation and pedagogical practice merge with research. This fertile and intermediary zone corresponds to what is called applied research in natural sciences. In art, and particularly in theatre, pure research corresponds to the pursuit of basic principles. The method consists in going back to the origins of one’s professional identity, asking apparently obvious and naïve questions and, once again, scrutinising deeply the first days of apprenticeshipto to look at our knowledge again from another angle.

Both pure research as well as applied research imply the development of a milieu which enables us to have a practical approach and test the effectiveness of the technical principles of actors/dancers of different genres and traditions. This interdisciplinary and international milieu is based on a comparative orientation. It combines theory and history, practice and creative reflection in an approach which aims at the expansion of a pragmatic knowledge appliable at an individual level. Fundamental in the immersive experience at ISTA/NG is its environment: the contact between different generations, the meetings and exchanges in the free time, the transmission through the practice of different techniques and the understanding of personal and collective research that creates a community of young theatre/dance artists, scholars, theorists and teachers with ample experience.

ISTA/NG, INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY/NEW GENERATION is part of “sharing knowledge” project of the Fondazione Barba Varley.

The project includes the open access and paper version of JTA – Journal of Theatre Anthropology; open access to a series of films on the principles of Theatre Anthropology; the theoretical, didactic and artistic activity of the LIVING ARCHIVE FLOATING ISLANDS dedicated to Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret and Third Theatre. The project is developed in collaboration with the ITINERANT CENTRES of the Fondazione Barba Varley in Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Argentina, Greece, and Colombia. For further information: