Routine – Parkour and circus – Show for a circus artist locked in his room

At the crossroads between parkour and circus Routine is about boredom, about those inactive youngsters spending their days leaning against walls, with no hope to do something with their lives. But Routine is also about hope, going beyond one’s boundaries, selfchallenging. In order to step up, Routine invites us to use our body and mind as one and only mean.

The performance will be presented at Pécsvárad on the day of 26th June at 17:30 in the Castle and in Kővágószőlős on the day of 27th June at 18:00 on the footbal field.

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With this show, I want to give hope to all those young people who don’t believe in their future, who rather stay in their bedroom than go outside and try something. I want to show them that they must try again and again. They must keep hope to face their future, to fight
against boredom, until they find something to do out of their lives. They must try and create things, and not be afraid of falling. We all must keep moving.
That’s what this man does in the show. He tries to fight boredome with movements. He’s searching for solutions to keep moving on, as if every acrobatics would finally break the walls of his room, head, society, life…
They are not only the walls of the room; they can also represent the walls of Moroccan society, walls of borders that some of us will never cross, and walls inside our head that sometimes forbid us to go ahead.” Said Mouhssine