CANCELED – Parvathy Baul on tour in Europe and in Hungary

Because of serious illness of Parvathy’s mother the concert is postponed.

SINUM Theatre Laboratory Association will host several performances by the world-famous Bengali artist.

For a detailed programme please visit our website: or

“Parvathy Baul is a practicioner, performer and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She is also an instrumentalist, storyteller and painter. Parvathy’s performance work emerges from a long lineage of master Baul singers, dancers, and spiritual teachers. She studied closely with two of the most respected Baul singer-gurus of the previous generation, Sri Sanatan Das Thakur Baul and Sri Shashanko Goshai.”

Janus mistery and carnival at Szalatnak

We invite village residents to a physical theatre performance in the main Cultural Hall of Szalatnak on 19th February, at 17:00!

The play is called Janus Mystery and Carnival.

This is a contemporary mystery play, where the actors are constructing living pictures to tell a version of the life story of a Hungarian Renaissance poet, Janus Pannonius. The performance uses poems and scenes from his biography, and simultaneously evokes the image of Janus God, who is a determinant figure for cycle changes.

Through the performance we are questioning our civilization’s relationship to the cyclic changes of nature. In what way our ignorance towards cyclicality is connected to global environmental issues? How natural twists and turns affect our life on an individual and collective level? Why the celebrations of cyclic changes are not organic parts of our life anymore? It is a show that includes exciting movement choreographies with fire, acrobatic elements, singing and experimental vocal choir actions.

Our work is not language-based.

Let’s meet at Szalatnak and create a carnival together!

Janus mystery and carnival

“Attain to utmost emptiness. Cling single-heartedly to interior peace. While all things are stirring together. I only contemplate the Return. For flourishing as they do. Each of them will return to its root. To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny. To fulfill one’s destiny is to be constant. To know the Constant is called Insight. If one does not know the Constant, One runs blindly into disasters. […]”

(Lao Tzu’s Tao-Teh-Ching)

The team of Sinum Theatre has created a performance dedicating to the theme of winter solstice. The performance used poems and scenes from the life of Janus Pannonius (Hungarian Renaissance poet) and in the same time evoked the image of Janus, the ancient Roman Divinity, who was a determinant figure for cycle changes.

As part of the Riote 3 project our general aim is to investigate ancient mythologies as a potential tool for contemporary performance in order to consider and sense a different quality of presence towards our natural environment.

See our gallery (photos by Róbert Érdi and Tibor Pintér):

Cserkút (Hungary) 21st December 2021.


We are delighted to announce that with the support of Perform Europe we have been successful in our bid with Take Art to present Crossing Borders, a European Rural Touring Project for summer 2022.

Crossing Borders will bring diverse, high quality work to rural communities with the support of local volunteers. The project aims to enhance community cohesion and give rural adiences access to high quality performances through a sustainable touring model. Research shows that the carbon footprint of rural touring is at least 50% less than that of a show in a town-based theatre with more than 50% of audiences living less than 5 km from a village venue.

This Perform Europe project is being delivered by 11 partners from eight European countries. The majority of the partners are part of SPARSE Network (Supporting and Promoting the Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe), which is committed to rural touring. By building on the experience and research findings of SPARSE, the intention is to develop cross-border touring and the presentation of the performing arts by utilising the resources of hyperlocal networks and communities, and capitalising on the benefits of rural touring for artists. For this pilot project comprising 24 presentations, the partners will be touring two companies:

Company Zid, a Moroccan parkour company based in France, will tour Routine  to rural communities in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia

Art Fraction Foundation (Poland) will tour KUUKI,  an under 5’s dance show, to rural communities in Spain, UK, Germany, and Czech Republic

Read more on the project.

Partners: Crying Out Loud (UK), Take Art Limited (UK), Art Fraction Foundation (Poland), Creative Association Fish Eye (Lithuania), SINUM Theatre Laboratory Association (Hungary), Nova sit z.s. (Czech Republic), Carn to Cove (UK), Festival Sismograf – OlotCultura (Spain), SA Eesti Tantsuagentuur (Estonia), Pro progressione (Hungary), Teatro 4Garoupas (Germany).

A Beautiful Day

First time a micro street-theatre festival has taken place in the centre of Cserkút village (in Baranya county of Hungary) on the 16th October 2021. Thank you for the great contributions of the clowns from Une idée dans l’air (FR) of the stilt walkers from Protagon e. V. (DE), of the musician-actors from Teatro Nucleo (IT) and of the community of Cserkút which generously hosted the event and has offered a performance about Saint George and the Dragon with the direction of Zsuzsanna Szabó.

For more photos please visit here.

Journey to Antagon/Protagon in Frankfurt am Main

It was something very special to temporarily forget about restrictions, and enter the protected bubble of Antagon TheaterAKTion during the Winterwerft community event, where all the participants lived and worked together for about 10 days without masks, touching and hugging each other in various physical theatre workshops and besides. We followed each other’s performances and concerts live, while sharing the same space. (All participants arrived with a negative virus test, and we were in a quarantine at the festival. It worked.)Thank you for this unforgettable act to reconnect!

Videos about the workshop and the symposium

Howl workshop work demonstration and Antagon Theater’s performance:

Riote 3 symposium hosted and organized by Protagon:

We remember the Journey of the Birds on the St. Mary pilgrim’s way

During 19-22 July 2020 in between the first and second waves of covid the two riote partner associations, SpecStreet and Sinum realized the Journey of the Birds, their common theatre tour in the county of Baranya, traveling through a St. Mary Pilgrims way with a performance, Conference of the Birds, visiting four locations all approximately 30 kilometres (one walking day distance) from each other: Hosszúhetény, Pécsvárad, Pécs-Tettye, Siklós.

Description of the event:

For more information about the performance see our page:

See some photos and video:

VoiceWell, vocaltheatre experiments

The aim of the first creative program of Sinum Theatre Laboratory Association was a vocal theatre research towards a future performance. After the photos, now we publish a short video about our working process.

Participants: Liliána Ilona Birtalan, Attila Buczkó, Sarolta Eörsi, Lénárd Ilyés, Zoltán Nagyhegyesi, Nikolett Németh, Géza Pintér, Tara Starling Khozein.

The video was made by Dániel Iszák.

Thanks to NKA for supporting our project. Further thanks for the collaboration of Amargant Theatre Laboratory, Soharóza and UtcaSzAK! Thanks to Artus Studio and Fűszer&Csemege for hosting our sessions.

30th November 2020, Artus Studio.

The Mood For Performance….

During the pandemic, a little group, covered with masks, came together to give voices, to sing, play and improvise, and undo inner masks!

Photos: Iszák Dani / Please see the photos here.

Participants: Birtalan Ilona Liliána, Buczkó Attila, Eörsi Sarolta, Ilyés Lénárd, Nagyhegyesi Zoltán, Németh Nikolett, Pintér Géza, Tara Starling Khozein.

Thanks to NKA’s support, and to the collaboration of Soharóza and of UtcaSzAK! Thanks also to Artus Studio and the Fűszer&Csemege as places which has given us hospitality.

The RIOTE 3 project starts today

we would like to inform our friends and colleagues, that today the new RIOTE 3 Erasmus + partnership project begins and lasts for 24 months. Our new partnership is constituted by: Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), UtcaSzAK (Hungary, Budapest), SINUM Theatre Association (Hungary, Pécs as coordinator), Kud Ljud (Slovenia), Teatro Nucleo (Italy), Antagon Aktion Theatre (Germany), Une idée dans l’air (France), Take Art Ltd. (United Kingdom). 

More information coming soon on the project website: